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Thinking about pressure washing your home’s siding? You may want to reconsider. High pressure is damaging to exterior siding. It not only can remove paint and chunks of the siding itself, but it can also force water behind siding, under window/door seals, and roof shingles. Not to mention it can force water in attack vents and soffit vents. These damaging effects of using high pressure can be much more costly than hiring a professional house washing company!

Pro Wash LLC uses the latest and greatest technique and technology in the exterior home washing industry, “Soft Washing”. Soft washing uses specialized equipment, low pressure, and detergents to safely and effectively remove organic growth, dirt, and other contaminants (bird poo) 🙂 from siding. Soft Washing results really are far superior to pressure washing (See Image Below). In the attached image the left side of the siding was pressure washed and the right side was soft washed with Pro Wash LLC house wash mix. You can see the obvious difference 6 months later. The Pro Wash LLC house wash mix side is still clean and the other not so much. This is attributed to our detergents that target and kill the growth at the root. Pressure washing only removes the part that our eyes can see, only to have the growth return a short time later.

Any mix you buy at a store can not compare to our powerful but safe detergents. The store bought mixes are usually waterdown and very pricey. Some of these contain chemicals that can potentially harm plants and animals.

Professional contractors spend thousands of dollars on soft washing equipment and training to ensure the job is done right the first time. The same can not be said for someone uninsured with a ($200) store bought pressure washer. Why risk the wellbeing of your greatest investment? You shouldn’t let just anyone work on your home. Pro Wash LLC is A+ Rated with the BBB, certified with multiple national organizations, and routinely trained in the industry techniques and equipment.

All of Pro Wash LLCs staff are uniformed, wear ID badges, and certified in all of our services. Please Call if you have any questions or concerns 318-364-6264.

Thank You,

Pro Wash LLC Staff

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Professional house washing company in Shreveport that utilized low pressure technique to clean exterior home siding.

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